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From a back against the wall fledgling start-up with serious cash flows problems, offices in a mediocre shared space and with a staff complement you could count on one hand, we are extremely proud of where we are now! Why? Because no matter what challenges we faced, we knew our philosophy was a good one! We wanted TRANSPARENCY for patients when it came to plastic surgery, that’s all.

The problem with plastic surgery, well rather the problem till now with the entire industry was that surgeons, well, they literally ruled the roost so to speak. I’ll explain.. say you were looking to get a “little work done”, there was literally nowhere to turn to, to help you decide on which surgeon was the most capable for your desired procedure with the best possible outcome in mind, other than the surgeons themselves.. I mean, that’s like asking a chef “do you cook well” of course the answer is “yes”, but we all know how many times we get disappointed when eating out.

The way we see surgeons, is that in most cases they are extremely gifted individuals, which we like to compare to artists. Now keeping that analogy in mind we look at surgeons and the procedures they perform a little more deeply. In almost all cases you will find artist simply prefer certain media types over others, i.e painting with oils vs charcoal sketching etc and then of course there is the type of art they prefer to produce, say modern art vs Impressionism for instance But what is key in all this is, and at the end of the day the most important, is that certain artists are just better than others when it comes to realisms and their ability to represent subject matter without their individual artistic bias.

So the question remains, how can you possibly ask a chef “do you prepare a good meal”? Or an artist does she paint well? Because of course their answer will be yes.. Now the exact same applies to surgeons, “so will you give me a good tummy tuck?” well they are never going to say “no” are they? The answer will always yes! This probably all sounds extremely basic and rather straight forward, you’re probably even saying to yourself “well of course, tell me something I don’t know” ,but up until now there was no other way to decide on who was going to preform your desired plastic surgery procedure than simply asking the view of the surgeons’ themselves, and gaging whether you found them to be honest, trustworthy and truthful individual, that’s the reality of it. Totally crazy but 100% true! One of the first surveys we ever preformed found that in almost all cases surgeons were picked based on whether the patient felt “comfortable” with the surgeon.. I mean, wouldn’t it be better to be able to select your surgeon based on actual unbiased results? Well we certainly did, and that’s why we developed, a review based plastic surgery directory that helps anybody wanting to select a plastic surgeon, select the correct surgeon based on RESULTS.. not smooth talking

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Plastic Surgery Review

Our philosophy is simple

To create a global directory of plastic surgeons and plastic surgery reviews, and through this bring greater transparency to this ever growing industry for you the patient, the person who counts the most

Not your Traditional Review site

At we don’t believe in “dulling” anybody’s right to an opinion, and we will never remove, modify or block any review on unless we have hard evidence to do so. We believe in “the more the merrier” and this applies to users, surgeons and of course the reviews on our site.

We believe in the right for you, the public, to have choice based on results, and with this said we encourage all users to please post any experience they may have had when dealing with a plastic surgeon, good, bad and no matter how old. We also encourage all new users to share any previous reviews they may have shared on other platforms, because at the end of the day the more reviews available the better it is, when it comes to you, and your decision on who will be preforming your desired procedure.

Breast Augmentation

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Worth It

Such a great experience!

Emily Doyle Gruno   ·   5 Years ago  ·   Scot A Martin

Such a great experience! Dr. Martin was professional and his staff was so welcoming. This was a second augmentation for me and he fixed what my first surgeon did wrong without gouging me in price. I have recommended several friends, who have done the same, and all were very satisfied with their results. Thank you for the best service Dr. Martin!

Worth It

Thank you so much Dr. Martin & staff!

Shianna LaRae Gorby   ·   5 Years ago  ·   Scot A Martin

I had my breast augmentation yesterday & I couldn't be happier with the staff and how well things went. I had terrible anxiety going in but Dr. Martin, the nurses, & anesthesiologist made me feel so relaxed and it went great! They were very honest about how you would feel after, the worst part is the pressure. I would recommend this office to any & everyone! Thank you so much Dr. Martin & staff!

Worth It

love love love my results

Stephanie Foster   ·   4 Years ago  ·   Andy Stewart

I had a breast augmentation 6weeks ago with dr. Stewart.... love love love my results , he is amazing . Definitely the man to go see, also his staff is so wonderful !!!!! Thanks Dr. Stewart for making me look and feel more confident in my clothes . Keep up the great work and god bless