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Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Gastric sleeve surgery is a excellent procedure for weight loss. The Gastric sleeve surgery reduces the size of the patients stomach limiting the amount of food they can consume.
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What will this procedure cost me on average?

The cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy in your region ranges from US$0 - US$78,000 with the average being US$9,840. Costs vary from surgeon to surgeon and the complexity and area of the procedure.

Global Stats

Average US$9,840
Highest Price US$78,000

Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Pricing? Cost? How important are these factors regarding your Sleeve Gastrectomy

Our team often gets asked this question. “How important is price and cost” when it comes time to decide on your Sleeve Gastrectomy and the surgeon who will be performing it. The answer? Well I wish it was an easy one. The fact of the matter is simply because a surgeon who’s Sleeve Gastrectomy cost is extremely high does not necessarily guarantee good results. The same applies when going with a “cheaper surgeon” so to speak, it doesn’t mean you will receive a poor outcome, no, not at all. Example of this would be the ever popular plastic surgery holidays, where patients travel abroad to more cost effective destinations for plastic surgery like the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Thailand to name a few. The truth? We have seen thousands of extremely happy patients return from cheaper plastic surgery locations and do so without having to take a loan out to pay for their Sleeve Gastrectomy. The key? Do your research! We really cannot emphasize this enough, read as many Sleeve Gastrectomy reviews as possible, compare prices and cost and through this put yourself in the best position possible to make an informed decision. Read More

Reading Reviews, the key when deciding on a Sleeve Gastrectomy

Let’s face it, deciding whether to proceed with Sleeve Gastrectomy is no easy task. In fact, most find it an extremely daunting one. At Plastic Surgery review we believe reviews hold the key as past patient reviews help build a picture of what to expect when that day finally arrives. The fact that these reviews are actually past patient experiences goes a long way to help resolve a lot of the “questions” that constantly float in and out of our minds without having to actually ask the surgeon themselves. Whether you ultimately to decide to go through with a Sleeve Gastrectomy or not, we always encourage interested parties to read as many Sleeve Gastrectomy reviews as possible.

Mixed research, a great tool to further understand on what to expect

Mixed research is extremely powerful tool when it comes time to decide on whether to go ahead with your Sleeve Gastrectomy or not. These days we are blessed with an almost endless library of information, we know as the internet. Do your homework, research as much as possible, view multiple websites, compare reviews, prices and cost, across multiple surgeons and countries, view the surgeon’s actual Sleeve Gastrectomy before and after pictures. Take your time, the key is not to rush your decision after 5 minutes of research and 3 positive reviews. Dig deeper, read both good and bad reviews, view multiple Sleeve Gastrectomy before and after pictures and through this make an educated decision. Don’t rush, take your time it will make all the difference in the world.

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